Film Photography Collection

- up to 2 photographers for 8 hours of coverage
- 35mm/ medium format photographic film coverage
- supplemental digital photo coverage
- professionally developed and scanned film photos and prints
- professionally digital photo gallery
- timeline planning assistance
- physical delivery with glass photo box
- photo album

My incredible journey of loving all things cameras actually started with 35mm black and white film. While in college, I took classes learning this art and working in the darkroom.

Film can be hard. It requires you to slow down, be intentional, trust your instincts, and think about the what you're capturing. There are no do-overs. No photo previews. No instant gratification. But like with most things in life, that intentionality and patience pays off. It creates something no digital camera can replicate.

Film has been an inspiration, and a lot of these ideals have carried over into my wedding videos. The intentional way of shooting, the capturing of emotion, the bright and dreamy colors.

We're excited to announce that we are now offering film photography packages. Your entire day, captured on film with supplemental digital shots. All negatives are developed, scanned, and reproduced digitally. Those scans will be put on our crystal USB drives and included with a glass photobox with your physical photo prints. Inquire today about film photography packages and ask about our special rates when combined with a wedding videography collections!

Why Film?