we love

Yes, the Italian name backs up our love for pasta, football, and romance. We both are always learning about new cultures and traveling the world to experience how other people live and love. Over the years, we've learned to really cherish the relationships people form, and we've loved documenting the stories we've witnessed.

All stories deserved to be shared in our eyes, from start to present. From the hardships to the romantic passion, we desire to capture it all in a beautiful way. Here's some of the things that tell our story—


35mm film photography

our fur babies

the coast

all the books


new cultures

we believe your story goes vastly beyond your wedding day

why bonarrigo films

Being an engineer and a pharmacist, paying attention to detail is our expertise...and all the little details you wove together for your special day deserve all the attention. The twinkle in your father's eye as you walk down the aisle, the heirloom pearl earrings from your grandmother, the joy your guests show when they grab a blanket you left for them to warm up in the cold. From every large moment to the minuscule second glimmers, we make sure to capture it all and tell your story exactly as it came to be. 

Your story is unique and like no other, and we believe your wedding film should show that. We pour our heart and soul into every film we create, and we're so excited to capture yours.